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According to the Roman Catholic Church, conferring beatification on a deceased person recognises that they have entered heaven and are therefore able to intercede for people who pray in their name. Such a person is generally meant to have occasioned a miracle or died as a Christian martyr and is given the title ‘Blessed’.

A worldwide Christian church which traces its origins from Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus. It has a continuous history from earliest Christianity. Its centre is the Vatican Palace, Rome, where the Pope resides.
In many religions, the place where God dwells, and to which believers aspire after their death. Sometimes known as Paradise.
To intervene or mediate between differing parties. To make peace between people. A way of praying for others.
An event evoking wonder, believed to be the result of supernatural intervention.
Name originally given to disciples of Jesus by outsiders and gradually adopted by the Early Church.
Some one who suffers for their beliefs or faith, typically by being killed.